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CVI Alarms, Calgary, Canada

First Tip no matter where you are:

Test your alarm system as often as you can. There is no other better way to find out if your alarm system works properly but to test it at least once monthly. Call CVI Alarms if any questions regarding testing your security equipment.

Burglary Protection

  • Never leave a spare key hidden outside. Use an CVI Alarms lockbox.
  • Light up your entrances and garage. Minimize dark corners and hiding spots with well-trimmed hedges, foliage, and trees.
  • Secure all windows and doors which are accessible from the outside. Don't forget basement windows and patio doors as they can be a favourite target for intruders.
  • Install peepholes so that you can look out at visitors before opening your door.
  • Leave a radio on and use light timers when you are out.
  • Make sure the street number on your home is large, well-lit and unobstructed so emergency personnel can find you quickly.
  • Ensure the alarm system decals & lawn sign are prominently displayed on your windows, doors and yard.
  • Never leave ladders out where they can be easily accessible by unwanted visitors.
  • Keep your shades drawn at night so the inside of your home is not visible.
  • Install and use deadbolts not just key-in-knob locks for all exterior doors.

Personal Safety Tips

  • Get in the habit of always arming your security system every time you go out.
  • Do not open your door to strangers - ask to see credentials.
  • Get to know your neighbours and report suspicious persons or vehicles to the police.
  • Never indicate you are not at home on your answering machine.
  • Change up your routine often, so people can't memorize your schedule.